another way for the golden puffle

2 06 2007

another way to get the golden puffle is to get to the 100th round of puffle round up

I dont have enay proof so you just have to believe me.





10 responses

10 07 2007

i dont see no GOLDEN PUFFLE

20 09 2007

do you have to be a member?

3 10 2007

I went on youtube and it said there was a picture of a golden puffle in the puffle mag.
then i went and checked and there was nothing there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 10 2007

r u sure this is right ??? ill try it now and c if it works!!!

5 10 2007
aiden (cx56bbfr4ea1)


6 10 2007
Clubpenguin and hilary duff forever

hi umm there is no golden puffle i think its just a rumor i no everyone is saying that tho! and even on youtube people made videos of orange puffles yellow rainbow golden silver and white and all different ones but i think those ppl are trying to make fake videos to trick people! i hope they didnt trick u! well maybe they didnt maybe this golden puffle thing is actually true! 🙂

9 10 2007
its hbkf

nopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ya all fakers by da may an dead anyone how bees nasty i will haunt yas ann kill yous in ya bedromm so wath in your bed and under it

12 10 2007

u are lying just ask billybob

12 10 2007

angryness is flowing through my blood stream.

10 11 2007
you no i am

the golden puffle is real i just saw it on club penguin at the plaza it comes every 15 mins you cant get it but you can see it i screamed wen i saw it its so cool look at the top of the bilding the making and you will see it i think its got somthing to do with the new mission

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